Be kind and gentle in your words even in the midst of anger

Because some words can only be forgiven but not forgotten. Let your words define who you are by speaking what is necessary.

Never explain how your suffering is greater when someone in front of you who need to vent

Because it takes a lot of courage for a person to be vulnerable, and when they do please let the spotlight be on them this time.

Take ownership of your pain

Because no one would take a responsibility for you, even if you think they should.

Have your curiosity alive

Because even a lifetime is not enough to know everything.

Do not judge

Because you have never been on their path. Remember, you have a past too.

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Because knowledge is a power.

Never take anyone for granted

Because when they found out, you will lose a person with a genuine kindness towards you. In case you do not know, these kinds of people are rare nowadays. Keep them and love them.

Love yourself

Because that is exactly the person you will live with for the rest of your life.

Be generous

Because the best feeling in the world is earned by sharing with others.

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